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hey guys i have watch a few anime now like lucky star, gurren lagann, and black butler, and i need some suggestion
i like fantasy action comedy or drama. but plz keep it tv-14 or under dont want to see gore or nudity.
if there is a type of anime i should look in to tell me about it and what to expect.
thanks for the help
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In my opinion, you should try some heart-warming anime's that will leave you with feels beyond feels. For example, Fruits Basket, Your Lie In April, Clannad, and Angel Beats. Or you could try more comedic anime's that will definitely make your day better. Such as School Rumble, Nichijou, and Baka and Tests.
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Akatsuki No Yona
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black bullet, hunter x hunter, and I'd have to go with kekki sensen
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vanguard *
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