Her name was Sarang. A 17 year old girl with big dreams but suffers from her own little demons. His name was Yongguk . A 27 year old man with many responsibilities that weigh heavy on his shoulders since he was young. Sarang finally gets the okay to go study abroad to Deagu, South Korea. living with a new family which turns into more of a babysitters job than a family, she meets new people , new challenges, and more demons to burn. Yongguk finally gets a promotion from being a music trainer to an official producer for Bighit . His wife Go Hara is also a top model in the Korean industry and even with 3 kids she still looks amazing according to most magazines . A happy little family in Daegu but is it really happy? See what happens in 'The Broken Pieces Of Our Hearts' ~~~~~~~~~ This will be my first ever girlxboy fanfic I have written & 3rd fanfic I have written. This story will be a bit longer than most stories but a bit short at the same time. I usually don't finish my fanfics but this one I have hope in so look out for updates every day or every other day. I based this story off of a dream i had a few nights ago and I hope you all enjoy!!

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look forward to thus
@justcallmekyki thanks~~ the first chapter is already out.
Cant wait to read this!!!!
3 chapters has been posted!^^ go check them out$ @justcallmekyki @jjrockstar. @kpopandkimchi . Leave Comments they are very .much appreciated.