Author POV: Sarang?.... Where and how could anyone start to describe her? Maybe her personality? Her quirks? Her looks? She is like any other teenage girl, a bit weird in her likings yet just like any other girl....... Her looks? Ha, nothing special about that.. Well , that's what's she thinks: Nothing special. Just average but what lies in the inside of her? Broken pieces that no one can see. Broken pieces of her..... Sarang POV: *tick tock tick tock* Time is slowly passing by as I sit in this boring office of my psychiatrist. The same time, the same day, the same boring routine. I grown used to all of this by now but I'm not fully "fixed" according to my adoptive Umma. A pretty Korean woman who has been taking care of me and loving me as much as she could since I was 7. I always wondered why a Korean woman would adopt an black child in the first place and name it Sarang but I never really bothered to ask. She was good to me and that's all that matters right? She wants to help me with my social anxiety but it seems that sometimes when I'm improving it all fails... According to her. I feel I have improved so far but I want to improve in her eyes so I can live out my dreams and do everything I ever wanted. My dreams? I want to go to Korea and study music there. I enjoy listening to Korean music and writing but sadly for the past few years my umma was too afraid to let me go. I understand her worrying to a certain level but how can I improve if I don't get out there? It seems scary but I'm sure I'll be fine. I'm not as bad as before but she still feels like I'm not ready. So, that's why we are here today. "Do you honestly think she can go live on her own now doc?" she ask with worry spelled on her face. " Well, Sarang has improved tremendously throughout the years Ms. Park. I believe if she starts living on her own she will be even better. She must learn how to coupe with society and become a young adult." Doctor Peppersmith said confidently smiling at me. Way to go creepy peppermint!! Thank ya " What do you suggest I do?" she ask. " Well, I suggest you put her into a study abroad program and have her keep having our sessions through skyhigh cam . Also, call her every now and then so she can have some comfort." "Okay , I'll think about it. Sarang lets go home now and talk some things out okay? " I shake my head and get up to leave with her. " Thanks for your advice Doc. I'll give you a call later. " the doc nodded and we left his office. Thank you creepy peppermint! ! Korea here I come!! Yongguk POV * A house in Deagu, South Korea* *afternoon* Ahh~~ I sit in the front room of my house thinking of lyrics and different ways to compose this song that wont leave my head as I wait for my Wife and kids to come home. The same time, the same day, the same boring routine. * young wild and free ringtone* " ye, yeobosayeo ?" " Ahh is this Taemin and Haru's Appa? " I heard a familiar female voice ask. It' s the kids teacher. Why is she calling? "Ah, ne. Is something wrong? " I asked a bit worried. " Their Umma haven't came yet so I'm walking them home. I was just calling to ask for you to get the door for us." She did this again....... This is not her first time forgetting her own children but I forgot.. She's the Wonderful busy Goo Hara but still this ridiculous. " Oh , I truly apologize. Their mom is usually really busy. She might have got caught up in her schedule." I explained getting up to unlock the door. " It's fine but I'm not sure if the kids are okay with it. Alright sending them in. " she said hanging up. " Appa~~~~" Taemin my 5 year old squishy ball of joy ran into my arms crying. "Ya, stop crying! You already knew that ahjumma wasn't coming in the first place ." Haru my 8 year old daughter said pouting. " Ya, that ahjumma is your umma so call her umma." I scolded. " She never act like one so why should I?" She rebuttals. "*sigh* Haru please not today. " I rubbed my temples trying to calm the crying squishy ball . "Fine~~" " How about this? Go get washed up and I make you guys some food and we'll watch Frozen in the theater room" "Frozen?! " they both squeak in unison and ran to their rooms. I started getting the food ready for the kids like usual . *Door opens* "Yeobo Yeobo ! Im home. " Hara enters looking like a goddess like usual. "Well, about time.... Hara why did you forget to pick the kids up again today? " I said not even looking in her direction. "Schedule.. " she said putting down some shopping bags. I look at the bags and then at her. I scuffed, " yeah,schedule." knowing she probably wasn't even busy just on her little shopping sprees. " you atleast should've told me Hara... " I said putting the kids food on a plate. "Mian~ ~" She said smiling.... Sigh "That still doesn't change the fact you keep leaving our kids any and everywhere for your 'schedule' bullshit Hara." I said through gritted teeth. This is getting tiring and sometimes I don't blame Haru for calling her ahjumma but I love this woman. God, how in the hell did I fell for this woman? "Chill Gukkie. I said mian what else do you want me to say hum?"she said kissing me. I fell for it again... Those sweet lips. "fine but please don't do it again." " yes sir~~" she cutely saluted. "kids get your food!" I called for the kids. Haru walked in and scuffed at her mother and Taemim ignored her . "What do you say to an adult when you come in?" Hara said looking at the children. They said nothing. " you little brats ~~!!" she scuffed. " Anyway darling, my good friend Diana gave me a good idea." " Oh god what is it?" I said leaning against the sink. "Well, she and her husband became a host family for studying abroad students. Apparently, the kid helped out with the kids and the house...... I was thinking maybe.." " Wait, you want another kid but can barely remember to pick up your own kid?" I laughed and Haru scuffed in the background. " No fair Gukkie it was an accident~ ~ plus the kid would be practically grown and they could help out with the kids. Plus since you got promoted you will be home less often also. " she said with pleading eyes. "Why can't we just get a babysitter?" I said " Because I already signed us up ! Plus, we get to choose !!" "Bwo? Hara, seriously? Did you even thought if the kids would be okay?" " Why?" " Cause ~ sigh Kids what do you think about this?" I turned to them. " I don't mind it if we get to choose." Haru stated and Taemin nodded mindlessly while stuffing himself. "But but.. I wanted to pick. " Hara pouted . "Whelp, the kids has spoken so show them the list Hara." sometimes I feel like Im raising more than 2 kids.... "Fine" she said handing her phone over with the profiles/applications of the students. Haru and taemin huddled around the device discussing their decision. My cute little Ceos Haru Pov I took the list from ahjumma in hopes to find someone better than her. Someone daddy can love instead of her. I know daddy's ideal types but it was hard to find any around his age. " Noona what about her!" Taemin bounced around . " woah good watching out minnie" I said looking at the Unnie he picked. A 17 year old girl named Sarang that's from the U.S. She loves music and makes her own !! Daddy does too. She's really pretty and friendly looking though her skin is a bit darker but she's pretty none the less. " You found your new Unnie? " Appa asked while looking at the phone. " Park Sarang. 17 , born in the U.S , musician, a dancer and a good student.... Humm not bad " Appa said while slightly turning red after looking at her picture. I smiled at the action in hopes that should could be the one. Yongguk pov I found myself staring at the student's picture and without warning my face started to heat up. I didn't even know why . Haru pov " Ahh woah she's really pretty and smart~~ but I heard black teens are hard to handle. You know .... Gangster life.." she said oh so ignorantly. " Not, all African American teens are like that Hara... " Appa defended. " That's right Appa plus minnie really likes her. " I said. " Ne~~" Taemin jumped. " well , that's that. We got a new kid ..,." Appa said. We sent our request to the people and we got confirmed. Welcome to our family unnie. ~~~ ~~~~~>>>>>>> A/N I hope this first chapter is not boring for you guys!! Im working on putting up more and i hope you guys will enjoy. SL<3