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Tell me, what do you think about the Naruto Ending, the children, and the series Naruto as a whole? Your thoughts on Kishimoto? My opinion is that in the beginning it was decent, started going down in Shippuden, hit rock bottom at Road To Ninja, then just went straight to the shitter in the end and Gaiden. Kishimoto is terrible at writing plots, characters, expecially female characters, endings, relationships, and most certainly the designs of those God awful children. Be polite everyone! What you write is your opinion and your opinion alone!
My honest opinion I loved Naruto. Didn't like watching the movies that much. But I absolutely hated the way it ended.
I didn't mind it at all. I grew up with it and so it grew on me. well I should say around 10 to 20 years old is when I started and then finished it. yea it has plot holes but its his story and he had a lot of fans trying to tell him what to do and his dad died in the middle of it and stuff. I'm glad he finished it period. I didn't mind the ending. could have done without madaras being taken over by kagura tho.
and I don't know why everyone was upset that Tobi was obito. that was so obvious its not even funny. tobitobi. it in the name of you spell it twice.