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So I just got to see the first two hours of the awards which I got to see my babes IKON, BTS, Hyuna perform. After that I had to go to school and in my first period class I was able to watch EXO's performance, ( just as it started btw) which was AMAZING! Then I was able to watch my husbands Big Bang performance during my art class which I had a mini heart attack! They all did so amazing and looked so good. Overall it was a great award show from what I saw!
@woahdersierra they perform CL new song, im the best and some other somg that I cant remeber. CL actually came to the mamas so she was in hong kong at that time
woah woah woah I was not award that my wives performed OMG! What songs did they perform? I thought CL was in America? @EmilyGardner
*sobs* inside I missed exo preforms because of school I did see 2ne1s which was awesome