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This picture, by Winifred Kriste Cakes, is the amalgamation of sugar, wafer and other edible sources, which were used to create these stunning, life-like florals. I call this floristry, but only because these look like real flowers. Maybe I should call this cakery talent run amok! What Kriste has accomplished in these cake embellishments is nothing less than staggering!
I talk a lot about cake silhouettes, icings, etc. I so rarely go into the details of the embellishments that go with the cake. In this case, every flower, that you'd swear was real, is in fact edible and was never grown in a garden.
I'd like to inspire you all to consider adding edible flowers as part of your sweet table or dessert round. Sure, keep the cake and the other fun sweets, but wouldn't it be spectacular to have a floristry of flowers that one could eat?! Marvelous!
Take a look at some flowers that Winifred Kriste has made.
Hard to believe that these are both, edible and fake! Click here for awesome ideas for your sweet table!
i really like purple flowers πŸ’œπŸ’œπŸ’œ
They're so vibrant and pretty @esther051721