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Here's how to get an edgy tattoo liner look without the cost, pain and permanence of a real tattoo. This uses liquid liner and a steady hand. Might take some practice, but it's not at all impossible to create. The great thing about tattoo liners is that you can be as creative as you want to be. Experiment with colored liquid liners. Throw on some glitter. Have fun with this!
1. Depending on your eye shape you will want to create an oval/almond basic eye line.
2. Create the desired swirl effect from your basic winged eye line, which will come up to just under the brow bone. This can be as subtle or fancy as you desire.
Final Result.
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and most of all its sexy!
thanks! @sara3. feel free to ask any questions about makeup
ok thank u.
What is the name of the eye liner? It's such great quality!
thanks for asking @lilynyooni. it's Ink Liner liquid matte finish by Make Up Forever, $23