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Recently, I shared a card about how to get a tattoo liner, that is completely tattoo-free and easy to do, which you can see here. Well, in the process of looking into that concept, I came across this really cool infographic on creating special effects with simple, everyday eyeliner.

How This Works:

First, you need to figure out your eye shape. Is it round? Small? Big? Wide? Angled? Narrow? And the list goes on. Don't over think it.
Second, you want to establish your desired look. Do you want your eyes to appear closer? Larger?
Third, once you figure out what you want your eye to mimic, then you can just follow the easy instructions that are listed above for each technique. Pretty simple, right?!
Click here for more great makeup ideas! And if you struggle with wearing high heels, like @Alywhoa, then this card is for you!
Love it!
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thanks for taking a look @Claudialozano
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@marshalledgar Thanks for this amazing card! sooo helpful
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