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Jonas still has feelings for Hadid.

Though media coverage has focused solely on Gigi Hadid's feelings about her fresh new romance with former One Directioner Zayn Malik, no one has asked Joe Jonas how he feels. A source dished out all of Jonas' emotions to E! News revealing that Jonas is "a bit upset" and he still does indeed have feelings for his ex girlfriend.
"Joe is doing well," a source tells E! News. "He was a bit upset how fast Gigi went out in public with Zayn, but it is what it is at this point."
Undoubtedly, Jonas is shocked by how quickly Hadid rushed into another relationship. However that's kind of Hadid's style. When she was having troubles with former Australian boyfriend Cody Simpson, Jonas was there to console her. That eventually led to their relationship with many claim as Jonas being her possible rebound. Now that she's had Jonas for awhile, she can move on to another option even if Jonas isn't happy.
"He still has feelings for Gigi that won’t just disappear overnight. They did love each other and he still has a love for Gigi. He is not looking to rush into another relationship though just yet," the insider says. "He is focusing on his music and new projects that are in the works. He has some great friends and family around so, like anything, he knows his feelings for Gigi will pass with time."
As you read in a previous Card I posted about Hadid and Malik, her friends aren't too thrilled with this new budding relationship. Even fans hate their couple name, 'Zigi'.
"Her friends do not quite understand what the attraction is," a source also tells E! News. "He is not her usual type, he doesn’t share her sense of humor or ease with people [and] he’s a little more self-aware and awkward."

Will the relationship last?