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@FrankOrozco This card is for my dear gorgeous friend Frank. I'm so glad you are my friend now! I love love Frank Frank loves tacos, lol So I'm going to show some pictures and comments about tacos. It's all about the tacos! Share what your favorite taco and taco toppings are! Let's have fun talking about tacos.
2nd picture is fake tacos. Fake tacos are good if you are in a hurry and hate to cook. But otherwise avoid the fake tacos
3rd picture is REAL tacos. These are soo yummy, eat these tacos as much as possible!
4th picture is a taco meme. It's funny and I shouldn't have to explain
5th picture is a taco cat, again funny and self explanatory
6th picture is the always adorable taco dog. Hay Chihuahua!
7th picture is my personal favorite, the Cthulhu taco. If you don't know, feel free to ask me, mwahahahah
8th picture is Frank's favorite kind of tacos, beef!
Last picture is a reminder what really damn good tacos should look like. Real tacos, always choose real tacos above all!
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Your card might get 100馃挋 by tomorrow! Yayy @FrankOrozco
2 years agoReply
Thanks to everyone who has given 馃挋 to support my friend's taco addiction! Lol 馃槃
2 years agoReply
@AnimeGamer hahaha omg yummy xD real tacos are always tastefully great
2 years agoReply
Ikr, tacos are like a portable mini buffet ! Hahaha @rik40
2 years agoReply