Has everyone heard of the Rap Monster Scandal? If not I'll tell you. Basically to put it short, people are saying he's plagiarizing others songs to make BTS's Songs.
You wanna know my opinion? I think that a lot of songs have the same lyrics. People Compare his to the original song but how many other artists do you think have used words from it? I think all songs are bound to have the same lyrics as another song. I hate how people assume that he stole it be issue 1 or 2 lines are the same as another song.
What do you think of this Scandal? Do you think he is plagiarizing? Let me know your thoughts!
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I think people are being stupid. MANY artists have done the exact same thing. Whether in KPop or artists in the US.. idk why people are giving poor Namjoon a hard time about it.. He shouldn't feel upset about this scandal.. It's not worth worrying his precious brain about it..