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where i am wonwoo: lips joshua: eyes jeonghan: ear lololololol seokmin: eyebrow coups: right under his eyes gyu: lips ayeee chan: hairline minghao: right under his eye seungkwan: a little above his eyebrow jun: earlobe lmao
woozi: im taller than him ahahaha soonyoung: nose hansol: eyebrowish
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ahhh.....jin,meanie, dk collarbone : Joshua near chin: boo and jeonghan near shoulder: vernon, hoshi,the8 and s.coups near throat maybe: dino near his lips and woozi perfect height in front of his eyes
I well I'm 175 cm XD so
And still growing I'm in freshmen year of hs
So basically mingyus eyebrows and woonies eyes
@jeppblackmen we're the same age and im only 167 馃槄