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Do I have your attention?
How about now? Okay, good. I didn't mean to scare you with that first picture?... Or did I? Hahaha!
So, who would like to play a BIGBANG game? I'm having a ton of fun playing @KwonOfAKind's BIGBANG dating game. So much so that I'm feeling inspired to try my hand at making one. So, who wants to play? I want to gage interest. Is Vingle over run with such games? Would anyone want to play? Let me know. And if you'd like to be tagged when I post the game cards, let me know that too!
It's up to you to let me know if you want it!
Yay! I'm already working on the first card. It'll be up soon. @KwonOfAKind Hahaha! It could really take on a whole new meaning if I went for BIGBANG game SAW style! Yikes!!!
I wanna play!
i love this!!! tag me please!!!
I'm in tag me!
I'll play!!! ;)
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