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Kakao Talk ^_^
I am a huge otaku and kpop fan and if you want to be friends with me since we share a common interest then add me at kpopotakuchan I am a V.I.P, BANA, IGOT7 A.R.M.Y I also do love Vixx,Ikon,2ne1, Exo and many more! I also love shoujo anime and manga!
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we have stuff in common we can be great friends!
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sounds like I need to download Kakao Talk...I've been seeing a lot of 'add me and let's talk!' posts.
2 years ago·Reply
i forgot to add mine! SkylarSong96
2 years ago·Reply
Mine is Rieshii90
2 years ago·Reply
Kakao ID: xikey1831
2 years ago·Reply