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Honesty where is the fine line between adulthood and childhood? Is it the ability to drive at night? The first time you don't get carded while trying to buy beer? Losing your virginity?
While these are all milestones, there are 3 fool proof situations that completely shove you over the line, and into, adulthood.

1. When you side with the parent over the child.

Back in the day parents were always wrong. They were just wardens trying to suck the fun out of life. But now you find yourself nodding your head in agreement as they tell their own teenager that going on a weekend trip with their boyfriend is totally not allowed; they are just too young. You are defiantly no longer a kid when you can totally understand the adult logic behind a "no".

2. When you can talk shit about the crazy family drama with your Mom.

Welcome to the big leagues where you are no longer sheltered from stories ranging between alcoholism and asshole cousins. Parents only start to tell you the real dirt when they believe you are old enough to handle it. Absorb the shock, it will get easier.

3. When you can't help but wake up early.

My freshmen year of college showed me just how much I loved sleep, aka I would wake up at 4pm and wonder what year I was in. Now, even after a night full of drinking my body wakes up after minimal sleep....and around 8 am. This one is just bullshit.

4. When you can no loner drink 3 days in a row.

This usually starts after you are actually legal to drink every day of the week (21 in the states.) Gone are the days full of blissful joy at the thought of getting fucked up again. Say hello to 14 hour hangovers and the inability to get out of bed.
But while all of these might push you over the line of adulthood, don't get it twisted. Growing old doesn't mean you have to fully grow up.
Ugh. this is so me. I feel so old, but I love waking up early! I make coffee and get to relax before my day... it makes me feel like a grandma a bit but whatever.
I've got 3 out of 4! I still sleep and wake when I want for the most part lol
I'm likely to never grow up if waking up early is needed. I can't pull that off for ANYTHING... And I don't want to. *pouting like the child I am* lol