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(I'm behind but ey, it's okay!) Also side note, I'm so proud of my Babehs!!! Woot!! ♡~♡

Anyways, on to day three!!

Favorite Song:

I have so many that are my favorite, but I cannot simply just pick one. I hope this is okay, but I have to include 3 songs. These are songs included in their recent album, the last one was in their first album.

Song #1: Perfect Girl. ♡~♡

This song is one of the prettiest songs from these Guys. Their vocals are legit and it's one I can put on replay and never get tired of; literally, I have done it many times. *Swoons*

Song #2: Amen ♡~♡

I wanna love you baby... Yes this song is all of the YEAAAASSSSSS! To me atleast!

Song #3: One Love ♡~♡

Okay so I had a hard time choosing the song for song 3. But One Love is beautiful. I love it and this is another I could listen to for days straight without it getting old.

As a Bonus, I'm adding Interstellar. This song became one of my favorites from their, (I.M Jooheon, & Hyung Won), final performance During No Mercy when they were competing to become Monsta X. I have this on my phone too! As I said before, I have been with them from the gitgo, so I'm so proud of my babehs!!


@AnnahiZaragoza @Meeshell here's my day 3, I'll try and catch up!! *I don't own the Videos or Pics*
@AnnahiZaragoza Yeasssss!!! MonBébé fighting!!
I need to catch up too aaaah! I'm so proud of them!! Monbebes fighting :)