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Here's a list of the best transformation scenes from Dbz in order. Be warned the list is a bit bias! Lol. They also exclude the movies and whatnot.
5. Gohan goes Ssj2 Gohan was never one of my favorite characters but I am a huge fan of the idea of strength increasing with rage. Gohan being the best example of this so his transformation was very satisfying.
4. Vegeta goes Ssj Vegeta is my all time favorite character and to see him reach the same level as Goku was great. For once Goku didn't come in to save the day it was Vegeta. Also, this was the first Ssj transformation that wasn't triggered by rage which is very interesting.
3. Goku turns Ssj3 Probably the most epic transformation in the series. Literally shaking the heavens with his power and the clouds were all being drawn around him this was truly amazing. And while now I find Ssj3 to be one of my least favorite forms, at the time it was one of my favorites.
2. Vegeta Turns Majin My personal favorite transformation. As I said before Vegeta is my favorite character in the series so it was so thrilling watching him teeter on the edge of good and evil. The supreme Kai telling Vegeta that he's pure and Vegeta denying it was one of the best interactions in the series. And seeing him struggle to maintain himself while still gaining the power he wanted was really one of the best moments in the entire series.
1. Goku turns Ssj Was there really any other choice?? This is one of if not the most iconic moment in the entire series. No one knew what a Ssj looked like or what it really was and we finally got to see it in Goku. We got to really see Goku's rage and one of my favorite things is an angry Goku.
Thanks for reading my card and tell me some of your favorite transformation scenes down in the comments below. Have a great day! Ja ne
Teen Gohan is my favorite character. even kid Gohan was a role model to me, I used to hold in my anger like Gohan and go ballistic when someone pissed me off. it kinda pissed me off that they started down playing Gohan's abilities especially after him and videl officially got together. I mean in resurrection of F, yeah he was able to surprise frieze and take out his third in command but they just made him look like a scrawny little bitch and took most of his bad assness to that of (by comparison) Yamcha level ridiculousness
other than what you already covered and those two, fusions where so bad ass when they started incorporating them.
Trunks comes to mind, when he went ssj in in that gravity chamber and Vegeta was all like wtf??? haha, that was funny. But Goten basicly did the same thing around Gohan, and surprised the hell out of him.