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Thats right, you heard me, I said ADULT coloring books. Say good bye to all the lame pages that take all of 15 minutes to finish and welcome to the wonderful world of adult coloring.
These amazing, and extremely detailed books, are designed to take hours (if not days) to finish. But the point of these coloring books go even further then letting the creative juices flow after a long day of boring old work.
Adult coloring is known for helping adults relieve stress and can even be a form of meditation! Stimulating the quietness that comes from coloring and the concentration it take to fill in the details opens up part of the mind that is usually shut down during stressful everyday activities! Aka the creative part of the mind that will release a ton of endorphins!!
So, getting those creative juices flowing really isn't just for fun, it can actually help increase your quality of life!
Break out the pencils and buy yourself a coloring book!! I got the Enchanted Forest one and it is full of crazy mushrooms and leaves and mysterious fairy doors.
But let me recommend you buy as many different colored pencils as you can. You are gonna use them all!!

Happy Coloring!!!!

I have been coloring for months now before it was a popular thing. love it.
I saw this in a study too!!! I love this as an idea for a gift.. though I wouldn't like it myself. Art (even within coloring books) stresses me out. I just wouldn't know what colors to do!! If it's a paint by numbers though... I'm all about it.
I just got a Harry Potter adult coloring book but am too stressed to start in it! definitely wish it was paint by number
I use the adult ones. I have colored about 4 different ones so far.
Yes please let us know how that goes @QueenWitch! @hopeismyanchor do you use the adult ones or the kids ones?
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