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And it's name is VERNON I was looking out the bus window when I saw it (I was listening to Seventeen, PERFECT timing) and of course my mind went straight to this adorable man
Now if you'll excuse me I must journey this city to find other streets that I can associate with beautiful Korean idols!
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@xsandos17 I wish my hometown schools could be cool like that
2 years ago·Reply
@VKookie47 sad part is I didn't attend that middle school
2 years ago·Reply
there's a city in LA called Vernon
2 years ago·Reply
He should totally go to SF and take a picture with it (but only when my mom lets me borrow the car so i can drive to SF too hahahahha)
2 years ago·Reply
omg the same exact thing happened to me and now every time after school on the bus when we pass the street i smile.😁👌💕💕😊
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