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Bangtan Hearts is a fan project and I need the help of ARMYs to make this big. This project has already gotten an article (see here: ). Bangtan Hearts is truly devoted to help and support BTS and without ARMYs help it wouldn't be successful. Unfortunately this is only a Facebook linked project. So if you don't have one I'm sorry but without one you cannot join the Facebook group. Link here: . But, you can still send in your letters ^^. Please send them to . We will make sure all letters get printed and sent to BTS. Be sure to include what color origami heart desired. One page maximum please. :) Deadline for letters are December 31st @ 8PM PST. So please send in your letters before. If we do not have enough we had originally wanted, we will possibly still take as many as we can.
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So just send the heart itself as a mail or can we put it in an envelope?
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@LenaBlackRose Please send in your letter to ^^. Be sure to include what color heart you want. We will be having a mass printing of the letters and send them directly to South Korea for BTS :).
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