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Breaking News: Taeyang was upset
During the ceremony of the MAMAS 2015 Big Bang won artist of the year and during their winning speech Taeyang said that he was disappointed upon receiving the last award that many of artists were not there to celebrate with them and feels like it was a lack of respect.
Dude he was telling the truth because if you see in PSY's performance towards the end of this video only Big Bang and Monsta X were there supporting PSY... Not even iKon and 2NE1 who are YG artists weren't there also SM entertainment member left after EXO accepted their last awards. BTS left early as well... (⊙﹏⊙✿)
What do you guys think about this?
Update: The real reason to what occurred at the MAMAS that numerous K-idols left early was that many of them were underage and due to this Hong Kong has a law that minors cannot be seen on tv past those hours... Read more about it here: http://ygunited.com/2015/12/06/the-real-reason-why-most-idols-left-2015-mama/
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I can see it in both ways, I understand at award shows you should stay until the end, even if it is over time. But they are idols, so they know that idols have schedules that they have to go by, and most of the time it is a tight schedule. I know that GOT7 had to all go back to Korea to work on stuff, but Jackson had to stay in Hong Kong and had to be an MC on a show. They boys are always busy, and probably couldn't stay or anything because of their schedules. but again, I can see how TaeYang feels, but he should also remember what being a newer idol is like, and how busy being an idol is
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The MAMA's ran an hour late and many artists had to leave to catch their flights back to Korea and other places in order to meet scheduled events. Other artists were backstage doing interviews. As for his speech, Taeyang never once alluded to it being a lack of respect. He was disappointed because he knew this would be the last time in a while that Big Bang would be appearing as a complete group and he wanted to celebrate that with as many people as possible. If the MAMA's ran on time, nearly everyone would still be there. Artists didn't start disappearing until about a half hour before the show ended. They stayed as long as they could but unfortunately poor timing and prior engagements stopped them. Big Bang knows that and would never look at it as a sign of disrespect. They understand that work comes first.
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Well I heard the MAMAs ran an hour later and they had other schedules to attend. Blame Mnet
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I'd be dissappointed but sort of understanding? its a major bummer but I hope he knows that there were thousands of people watching from the broadcast!! Ugh :/
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on top of that, the whole show was like a yg concert. I wouldn't want to stay. but yeah, they all had to leave because the awards were running over by an hour and they don't have to stay if it does that. taeyang needs to learn to just shut up sometimes.
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