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wonder how it would have turned out.
....... before this goes further the creator of the manga has stated she was meant to be throughout the series from the beginning. And despite filler the anime follows the manga. So this fact is more than a little b.s. Sorry to be that guy. So as penance here is a real fact for you: in the original one shot of the manga before it was serialised in Shonen Jump Naruto did not have a demon fox sealed in him, he WAS a demon fox with the ability to turn himself into a human form.
That's actually pretty interesting to know. =) Though, I'm glad they didn't kill her off. She at not be a character many people like. But I like her, because she wasn't made to be as strong as Naruto & Sasuke. And I believe that's okay. I got to see her develop/grow in other ways over the years and I'm grateful they kept her around. She knew she'd never be as strong as the both of them, but that didn't stop her from trying to improve herself. I admire that in her character.
@shanie0125 story wise it made sense to keep her alive, Naruto has a very strong theme of the past repeating itself. In fact the entire series is about trying to break that cycle. Constantly throughout the series there are situations and characters that mirror what had happened in the story's past. Sakura was a part of that reoccurring theme as she is the successor (in spirit) to Konan, Rin and Tsunade and is a key part of the allusion to the old Japanese saying when talking of the relationships and balances of power using the snake, frog, and slug as a metaphor.
@IsaacMarch thats where tsunade comes and @Emanii thats a really good answer im honestly tired of ppl sayin they hate her cause she annoying and she dont fit with sasuke and how she's a hoe and stuff but ur answer is really good
Yeah but who would have healed everyone and kept Naruto alive
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