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alright guys'n gals let's make some friends! Everyone here posts, and everyone comments, but who actually finds and make friends here? Admit it, we all want to, so let's start now! List all the anime you love, your favorites, and message the people who's list you like! start a anime debate in the comments, and don't forget to message those people and become friends! Otakus UNITE!
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but I did use Crunchyroll alot while I was overseas
2 years ago·Reply
one punch man is amazing i love it genos is the coolest cyborg ever
2 years ago·Reply
School live is great ! It's definitely worth watching there's big character development and a great little twist in the story you get quite early on ! @MichaelDuren
2 years ago·Reply
I agree. and I really love how it focuses on how hard and difficult it would be mentally to deal with something as traumatic as a zombie apocalypse. instead of showing how crazy and cool it would be. I think it's a very emotional contrast to Highschool of the Dead
2 years ago·Reply
aww crap....uh....spoiler alert.
2 years ago·Reply