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When my mom asks me if I've gotten myself a boyfriend yet...
Me: Mom, you should know I'm in a very committed relationship already!
Mom: What? Do I know him?
Me: Of course, I make you watch him on YouTube all of the time. It's Cha Hakyeon, you know, sometimes I call him Cha or Chabooty. *Smiles wide*
Mom: *Stares*
Sister: *Stares*
Both start laughing.
Me: What?
Lol anyways my moms been asking me if I've gotten a boyfriend lately. That was literally my reply.
And the gif above was literally their reactions, my mom being Hakyeon and my little sister being Ken.
They proceeded to laugh at me and then changed the subject.
Thanks fam I feel the support! XD
Hakyeon playing cupid, shooting arrows at our hearts...But seriously that concentration though! I just love his eyes!
Lol and the second picture, VIXX is so cute supporting him!!
I love this! I love how he always puts his hands to his cheeks and then proceeds to fan himself whenever he gets embarrassed or sometimes even when he's nervous or excited!
It's adorable!!
So, what do you tell your parents when they ask you if are in a relationship? (I'm jealous if you actually are!)(My last boyfriend wasn't my best choice and I haven't dated since...)
BTW Christmas is coming up, what are you asking for as a gift? I'm supposed to tell my mom what I want soon and I just can't think of anything. (I already have VIXXs new album and BTSs new album on my list.)
Kyaaaa our boyfriend Hakyeonnie^^ hahhaha I have no idea what I want for Christmas!! But Hakyeon would be at the top of the list lol
@kpopandkimchi haha yes! I wonder what my mom would say if I sent her my list with his name at the top. XD