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Who All Has Seen Their Favorite Group live?

So, I've been wondering if I was the only one that hasn't been to a lot of kpop concerts?
In fact I've only been to one. Well, it was Kcon in New York this year to be exact.
I only went because VIXX and Teen Top were going to be there. The ticket prices were outrageous and I don't live anywhere near New York so I had to pay for a hotel and gas to get there too.
Is it like this at every kpop concert or is it just because it's Kcon and the fact that there are multiple groups there?
I was really disappointed because I was way up in the nosebleeds and couldn't really see. But I was still extremely happy to be in the same room as them!
I also couldn't attend any of the artist-engagement things. I could only attend one, it was something called, K-pop festival where dance groups finalists competed on stage in front of us and judges voted for the winner.
That was when things got exciting. I was running late to the event, so when I walked in they had already introduced the speaker guy and that they'd be having a surprise judge. I was getting my bag checked when they announced that the surprise judge was my ultimate bias Cha Hakyeon! I almost died, he came out onto stage and was looking so adorable. As soon as the lady was done checking my bag I ran off leaving my older sister behind to get closer.
I honestly almost died I swear, I was so close! Despite the fact that I couldn't attend the artist-engagements I still got to see him up-close in the flesh!
Anyways have any of you experienced this awesomeness?
Who did you first see in concert?
Who do you want to see next?
I'm hoping to see VIXX again sometime, maybe at their own concert instead of Kcon. Because I can't live with just three-to-four songs from that group! I needed more!
@KellyOConnor yes exactly! It's amazing!
@ChaErica it is but so worth it in my opinion to live a little lean for a while to see them perform live. It's a whole different feeling from seeing it on YouTube or DVD.
@KellyOConnor Dang that's still expensive though! But if I get to see VIXX it'll all be worth it.
That was so lucky about Hakyeon!!! I'm still hoping for my chance to meet him <33333333
@ChaErica it was one of the more reasonable ones, it was around $130 a ticket if I remember but we pretty close for that one too. cheaper seats were about $60~70
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