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Okay, so I've heard this one before, but it gets me every single time. HE TURNED HIMSELF. AROUND.

So I've been thinking, do you guys know any other horrible jokes?

Let's get a Dad Joke thread going. Because, you know, life just isn't fun without a good pun!
Here's two epic ones from @NateTheGood and @EasternShell to get the party started.
Lol...did you hear about the Cheese factory that exploded in France? Nothing left of it but de brie.
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What's worse than finding a worm in your apple? The holocaust.
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Why so prawns never give to charity? Because they are sooooo shellfish.
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how do you beat a Decepticon that turns into a garbage truck? kick him in the junk
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@InPlainSight LMAO That is so dumb. I love it. How about uh... DID YOU HEAR ABOUT THE CIRCUS FIRE? IT WAS IN-TENTS!
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