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Are Idols Worked Too Hard?

With all these comebacks recently, I've been wondering what you all think about this subject:

Are idols being worked too hard?

For VIXX's recent Chained Up comeback, N was not only an MC for a music show but was filming a drama AND hosting a daily radio show (granted, some of this was pre-recorded so he didn't need to do it every day...) on top of that they various showcases in other countries AND had to practice for their showcase (they needed dances for ALL their new songs, not just the single!)
For BTS they have publicly said that they're getting maximum 3 hours of sleep per day - and they just flew to Hong Kong for MAMA and will be performing the next day and the rest of the week for Korean music shows.
Take all that into account PLUS the fact that most groups do fan signs so they have to interact with fans (and travel to get to each city) about 2 times a week (each event takes about 2 hours and there are often more than one per day!)

I know that the idols are doing what they love and that they chose this profession, but do you think they're working too hard?

If yes, then what is a better way?

Fans will get mad if they promote less and the company won't make money...
It's all so complicated :/
Hmm. Idols definitely know what they've signed up for when they enter this industry but I also believe that these facts although true, are usually around their comeback period. Admittedly it's probably around three months (of this type of intensity) and they are of course working the rest of the year. They love what they do and they have to do all of these promotions in order to survive. Yes they are being worked hard but, it's what they wanted in the end and if they really need a break, they'll have to quit. I might be being harsh but reality is harsh and although we love them they're in the end in this as a career, as a job. And if we compare them to the overworked people who do desk jobs, it's quite similar. Feel free to disagree, these are just my thoughts.
@kpopandkimchi Yes, of course they are. Even though they did choose this life, 3 hours of sleep is very unhealthly. All us fans ask for is for these people who make us happy to stay healthy, but apparently the entertainment companies haven't gotten the memo. Idols are trying to make us happy while becoming more and more sad. Its not right. If they keep this up, the idols might develope not sleeping as a habit, and thats not good. Please stay healthy everyone! ^^
They need to get more rest! Companies shouldn't expect them to get less than 4 hours of sleep and still do everything perfectly at their best. Yes it's their job, but it's getting out of hand and probably almost violating their own human rights if they're essentially being forced to do everything.
I think that they are being worked really hard but it also betters them in a way? It helps them be better performers and musicians and keeps them motivated. I do agree that it can be harsh at times but I believe in my heart they know they love what they do and they do what they love and at the end of the day they're proud. What really gets me is when they're on break between comebacks and it's NOT EVEN A BREAK. I know they never completely rest but compare practicing grueling hours or attending fan shows and fan shows will always be easier. Like Seventeen for example - they're supposed to be on break from their comeback but nOPE they are producing music and doing fan shows like. My inner momma bear just wants to tuck them in and smack them if they move. I wish they got more rest. A month or two is not long enough for the things that they went through to promote, you know?
the fans should be more considerate about idols...they need their sleep, they work a lot they should be satisfied with them doing their best...for me sleep is important, if I don't get enough sleep I get sick
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