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Hi hi!! Hey guys its Gabby here with this weeks anime character comparison!!! So this week the two characters are Mikasa Ackerman and Ciel Phantomhive!!
Okay so you might know how this goes already. I'll start with their past. Mikasa and Ceil both had very...hard past. Both of their parents were killed when the two were at very young ages. Ciel's parents were burnt to death along with his home. And as of Mikasa her parents were murdered her moms head got split open with an axe and her dad was stabbed in the stomach with a dagger. Not only that but after watching their parents die they were both kidnapped but ended being saved.
Next I'll do personalities. So Mikasa and Ciel both never smile, maybe like once or twice in the shows. They also both have someone that they will protect to the end.
Ciel and Mikasa have both have someone very close to them die. In fact they were one of last things they had. Ciel watched his Aunt die and Mikasa saw her adoptive mother die before her eyes.
Not only having the previously named things in common but they also both had one of their homes destroyed. The home Mikasa shared with Eren was crushed by a bolder and Ciel's was burnt down.
Them both having smarts and power or strength are also somethings that make them very a like.
Okay so those are some reasons why I think their the same. Thanks for reading!! Have an amazing day and keep on rocking it!!!!!!😘😘😘😘