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Has Our Definition of "Terrorism" Changed?

Today marks the 355th mass shooting in America in 2015.

In San Bernardino, 14 people were killed with at least 17 others injured in yet another shooting.

While reading various updates I came across this:

What part of gunmen coming in to an annual party with AK-47s clearly set on killing people doesn't qualify as an act of terror?
Do we need suicide bombs and a globally-recognized terrorist organization's name to call something "terrorism?!"
I always thought that terrorism was any act with the intention of terrorizing others. Now it seems that instances like that are so common these days that we've had to change the basic definition.
Why are we only calling things acts of terrorism when there is a chance ISIS or other larger organizations are involved? Has terrorism become "acts by Islam extremists with the intention of terrorizing others" or perhaps "acts by non-Americans with the intention of terrorizing others?"

What is your definition of terrorism?

Tagging some folks I've seen in the News comm lately...
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Sorry just trying to prevent drama later because i've gone through it many many many times before and I have enough depression and suffering so i don't need more drama.
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but how was I trying to give you drama, this site I thought was about comments. n communication. don't I say I wanted to get married don't remember. 驴??
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@mommaG I didn't say you were..... I said I wanted to prevent it...
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I holla @ you.
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