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hey guys sup this is kalyan i wanted to what do you think about this well i posted a photo where goku was ss3 but what do you think about this goku is in his super sayian god but also there are only tye best of the best marvel heroes what do you think does goku have a chance or donyou think he will win let me know in the comments section below what you think and explain why. until then next time guy's see ya.
@Thatperson512 I think a yell or two is about all he would get. lol Though I can't help thinking of the scene from DBZ abridged where Nappa tries to make the large insect creature a pet. I could imagine Goku asking ChiChi if he could keep him. :)
The only person Goku wouldn't put down in one blow is maybe the Hulk
@Thatperson512 actually Goku would probably be able to just throw Hulk into the sun..... Really, in American comics there are few that match up power wise. In the Marvel universe, maybe Galactus and others of that power level... and in DC definitely Superman (as his measured power is just ludicrous) but just about everyone else is on the wrong end of a beating.
lmao he wouldn't have an issue its just a different kind of power with the dbz verse. its not comparable.
goku would go for hulk and nobody else
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