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If you can't move on, Facebook will help you.

The social media site announced that it will now help you move on from your ex. We've all been down that road. We broke up with the person, but we still find ourselves stalking their every move via social media. It's the way of the world, but the social media site you love to hate is now putting those antics to rest.
The tested feature will allow you to see less of your ex floating around your timeline, from their profile even to suggested in tagged photos. Talk about clever and innovative. The social media platform is testing this out via mobile first and then will expand to web, so keep a look out. In the meantime, you can keep stalking -- but your time is winding down quicker than you think.

Do you find yourself stalking your ex on social media?

You can keep it real. This is a safe space.
Eh, I'm not so big on the stalking. Then again, I'm still friends with almost all of my exes. The only time I looked up one of them was when he got engaged and went out of his way to introduce her to me at a public event. The only reason I looked it up was because he was abusive. I was more curious as to how long they'd been together and to see her face in pictures, wondering if any would show...those signs. You know? I was more worried, I think.
I totally understand and there's nothing wrong with that. In my eyes, you were doing a good thing looking out for the next person @ButterflyBlu