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This card is going to be kind of like the home page of the awards, the categories will each be added and hyperlinked here when they are released so that you can access them easily to vote on them ^-^

Categories: All Votes Counted!!!!

4. Best Female Sub-Unit (No voting, default winner as only one promoted in our time frame.)
Credit to the owner of this gif, I DO NOT own it :)
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so are we will waitting for best male rock?
@SusiBosshammer yes, and there are still a few others, I add them to this list when we have the nominees, and we get the card posted as soon as we can after that
when are tou planning to have final results out?
@AgentLeo as soon as possible... Unfortunately a lot of things came up that have interfered so we are so far behind schedule on this... But it should be done pretty soon :D
@MattK95 okay no worries! i got behind on voting so its cool!