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Lin Yue and Deng Yang, both 30, haven't had sex in the five years they've been married, Central European News reports. The couple says their weight (which combined is more than 800 pounds) has prevented them from doing so.
They recently made the decision to prepare themselves for gastric bypass surgeries, not so much for the sake of their sex lives, but because they want to start a family. A doctor in Changchun, China, told them they'd have to begin working on their fitness before the surgery in order to do so.
According to Central European News, Lin and Deng also made the gastric bypass decision because Qian Qian, who at 538 pounds is currently the heaviest person in China, announced earlier this month she was going to undergo the operation.
Best of luck to the couple!
@caricakes sad but true. anyone can change, all it takes is will power and fire in the sole, I did, I was over 230 pounds and now I dropped over 50 pounds in like half a year, I can run a mile in 6 minutes, I work out every day, eat right and amazed myself my family doesn't even recognize me. and I'll never stop. so when I see people that want to make a change I support them all the way, and would love to help them.
that was good motivation for them.. fighting for their health. keep it up.
fight hard! never give up! I believe in them! no one can tell you what you can and can't do accept for you. fight for each other!
Gah!! I saw this posted on the Shanghaiist! Its good that they're working hard before the surgery (getting down to a safe weight to operate on) and I hope if they reach their goals and have a child that they will continue to live a healthy lifestyle for their kid!
Aww, good luck to them!
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