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to be honest I have made said I'm going to do a lot of things between the Fairy Tail D&D game, the YouTube videos, the Fairy Tail guild, and more......... but I'm breaking and the emotional pain is suffercating me as I spend every waking moment alone in silence with nobody around to lean on...... idk what's going to happen because I've had many suicide attempts as a kid and I think about how easy it would be to end it all 24/7. I've never belonged anywhere and I never had anyone who actually genuinely cared..... all I'm saying is that everything may get delayed and idk for how long since I'm slowly giving up bit by bit. please don't tell me everything will be okay or that things get better because those are empty words that people say when they don't know what to say...... I'm going to lay down for awhile.....
Besides there are more anime episodes of one-punch man coming out. you don't want to miss that
if you are going to give fine. however don't you dare give up on life. I'm not going to say your death with personal affect me.l however there are people that will miss you. Honestly I already like you a vingle poster and a person because you don't post shit like, "favorite, share and comment if you love anime." god those people piss me the fuck off. But you are different, you are contributing to the community. you are not the cancer of Internet society like some other vinglers. so if your going to do something stupid let it be something like buying a Playstation4, or investing in a time share.
@FeistyGoldfish that's pretty much where I'm at now but I never new happiness in my life so I really have zero hope and I pretty much just sleep, anime, gaming, and suffering. I can't even force myself out of bed any longer like I've done for so long.
@YurushiNoYami I dont have any wise words. All I can say is that I am in the same boat. Vingle is the only place I can be myself actually. IRL its as if Im not allowed to smile. Like the world is only suffering and I should get used to it. There was a time when I completely lost a taste for anime too. I'm far from being ok but I'll keep walking for as long as I can.
@TrentonCanning thanks this made me laugh a bit.... but sadly anime isn't helping me like it used to and it's only because the problems getting worse and the worst part is that I know the solution but have zero capability to have the solution so I'm doomed to suffer.....