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So does anyone else love gender swapped characters. Like I really think they should have their own separate show or something, because I would pay to see my favorite characters in the opposite genders. Just because of curiousity
Like does know one else think this is so fucking cute? This needs to be a thing.
Like I just wonder like if there personalities would be the same, or if they would make more sense with them being the opposite gender.
This is probably the cutest one >~ omg my poor little heart >~ I need a moment! Comment below your favorite gender swap characters!!! I'm curious to know!
Not only is it a gender swap, but a species swap too. Cute little happy became a blue dog.
inyuasha looks so cute and natsu looks better as a girl
I like Girl natsu but boy Lucy looks like a douche. XD
Lucy still looks very much feminine lol
Taiga and ryujii omfgwtfbbq lol
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