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sometimes the screen went blurry but it was all fun!
They gave each other compliments...
and gave the fans a feeling of importance.
They tried a rhyming game...
It didn't go to well but that might be because they even disagreed on the proper way to recite the alphabet
They gave us some advice for exams...
Some advice we probably shouldn't take...
And some heartfelt advice.
Many more things happened before and after that. Vingle decided they'd rather me keep it to a decent length though so you'll just have to go check it out yourself! Sehun headbangs and concerns their dance instructor, SHINee's Minho makes an appearance with Suho, Chanyeol attempts a Q&A, and many fans were made happy before heading off to bed. I hope we get to see more of Chanyeols Goodnight Show!
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I was dying the whole time I was watching the broadcast. I mean, come on !!!Sehun in a bathrobe in bed with Chanyeol... 😵😍