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Basic Chocolate Macaron Batter (found this recipe on davidlebovitz.com): Makes about 18 finished cookies *Weighing the ingredients is critical. Do not make these unless you have a digital kitchen scale! 100 gram powdered sugar 50 grams almond meal aka almond flour (the finer the better) 25 grams unsweetened cocoa powder 2 large room temperature egg whites 65 grams granulated sugar For chocolate ganache: 1/3 cup hot heavy cream 4 ounces dark chocolate, chopped pinch of salt *pour hot cream over chocolate, and stir until smooth. Allow to cool slightly before filling cooled cookies. Bonus Coverage: For more chocolate macaron information, my friend Denise from ChezUs makes some amazing ones, and knows WAY more about these than I do, so you can bug her with your questions too! ;-)
@brenda996 are you going to make one soon? If you do, please invite me :P
This video looks amazing!!! :D Those chocolate macarons look so dense!
@SeoHyunLee and others for clipping my card :)
@cheerfulcallie Yah, a friend of mine is a fan of baking, he said the same! It looks really simple, but making macarons is pain in the butt :) . I still prefer to buy it when i come to Paris then ;) and yeah !! please upload the photo if you success in making one :)
that looks simple enough but sometimes its not always that simple especially with my luck, lolz.....however i do love macarons, ive been telling myself for the longest time to make my own, im just gonna have to try it and if it turns out right, ill upload a pic (*_*)