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I was thinking about music I love to listen to when snow is falling, and I remembered one of my favorite Korean indie tracks.

"Seoul" by 피네

Listen below and learn some vocabulary from the lyrics:
차가운 서울, 소란스러운 사람들.
Chilly Seoul, Noisy People
창밖 세상은 너무 두려워
I'm scared of the world outside my window.
가끔 스미는 눈부신 도시.
The glittering city that often seeps in.


차갑다 - To be cold, freezing, chilly
소란스럽다 - To be noisy
사람 - People
창밖 - Outside the window (창문 + 밖)
세상 - World
두렵다 - To be frightened
가끔 - Occasionally
눈부시다 - To be shining, dazzling, glittering
도시 - City

Leave any questions or comments below :D

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2 years ago·Reply
always on the lookout for good indi. thankyou ^^
2 years ago·Reply
Wow this sounds so beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with us!!
2 years ago·Reply
Love the song.thank you !
2 years ago·Reply
Sadly, I can't find this song on YouTube😢I love this song!
2 years ago·Reply