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Hello my viewers! I am back with another post about, you guessed it, Sword Art Online! I think Sword Art Online is a very cool anime if you are into games and romance, and adventure, and action, Let's talk about the main characters!
The first character I will talk about is called Kirito in game. But it is revealed at the end of Arc 1 that Kirito's real name is Kirigaya Kazuto. He was a beta tester for SAO, and because of that he got the name Beater in Episode 2.
Asuna is the second main character of this anime. Her real name is revealed in the episode that Kirito's was revealed, her real name Asuna Yuuki.
Asuna and Kirito's love develops as the series goes on. This is how the anime has a romance theme to it.
Now, I am not saying to watch these animes. These are just a little preview to them. Now, there are more people in SAO. But I don't think I can tell you about every single person in here. The entire series is on www.CrunchyRoll.com for free! Just note that only arc 1 and 2 are dubbed!
Well. Time to wrap up another anime review! What is your favorite anime other than Fairy Tail or Sword Art Online? I need anime watching recommendations! See all of you next time!
@Yashimotsu dood, if cooking here was as easy as in SAO, Thatd be awesome.
Fullmetal Alchemist! Original and Brotherhood!
cant beleive i didnt notice asuna's cooking skill
Akame ga kill, Tokyo ghoul, parasyte. they are all awesome.
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