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~Keita~ I watched as it seemed biggie was at it again. She was notorious for picking on other kids, taking their lunch money, and getting kids to do her homework. Basic high school bully. "Huh it was the blind girl? What's her name again? Suna? Luna?" Kimi said as she noticed that Biggies victims were these two girls from my class. I have never seen them much. Probably because I get suspended like every other week, but come on even I knew their names! "Juna." I said looking over to her." The other girl is Lai." I said looking at the girl cowering behind her. “ I know her name Keita! I talk about her am the time….remeber?” I looked away. “Yeah…..I remember.” I don't remember….. " Why is biggie messing with them?" I shook my head in disbelief. "Tch. Why else, because she's a bitch..." I said glaring a bit. "Why are you talking to her like she's my lawyer?" The girl had said to biggie." Or do you know what that is." Damn. This girl has balls. I'll give her that, but I couldn't help but laugh a bit when biggie offered her a fight and she immediately admitted that she couldn't. That took a lot of guts too. Every guy I ever fought who was terrible at fighting would swear up and down that they could fight. Even on their way to the nurse’s office they'd yelled out." He just got lucky! Next time I'll get him for sure!" I'm pretty sure they underestimate me because I don't dress like some punk with piercings and tattoos. Not that I hate them, but you rules, and I already get suspended enough. "But I'll cut you a deal." I heard her say as she explained the rules of the game. Even though I knew biggie wouldn't play fair. Yet I still watched with Kimi trying to sneakily pet star while she was sleeping and Star would claw at her in her sleep. "Ha! Wrong kid! “Biggie said as Juna guessed correctly." What the hell is she saying she totally got it right!" Kimi protested, and I stayed quiet concentrating on them. "I don’t know what you’re talking about blind bitch, but you’re not getting this until someone takes it from me." Biggie said making my eyebrow start to twitch with irritation. Biggie is really testing me, and if she thinks I'm not willing to hit a girl. She needs to start reserving a room now, because I will knock that bitch through the hospital. If I get into this fight I'll get suspended again.....if that happens I can't take my finals....if that happens I won't get good grades and I'll disappoint my mom again....I looked at them one last time. Am I really going to let this girl go through this, because of grades? Am I going to be that bystander that just stands there and does nothing? To hell with that! Next thing I know I'm walking over there. "Keita!" Kimi called, but I ignored her. "I can help with that." I smirked as biggie glared at me. "Keita Kazuka, the phantom boy who's never in class." She started and I rolled my eyes." Listen, if you’re going to give me shit about my attendance get in line. There's like five other teachers who want me expelled. You know, and I know, that's not why I'm here. So stop the bullshit, and give the girl her damn staff already." I said and Biggie started to sweat a bit. I doubt it was from me though. She's probably using too much energy standing. She quickly turned her look of worry into a look of triumph. "You know what today is don't you? It’s finals! If you fight me the teachers will know and you'll be suspended and your test won't count for anything. Making you have to repeat a grade" She tried to scare me and I took the cat out of my hood and handed it to Lai. "Hey can you hold her for me. Her names Star, and I don't want her to get hurt." I smiled and gave Star to her before she could even try to protest. I cracked my knuckles and Biggie looked at me shocked. “Who gives a fuck?” I breathed swinging my arm back and punching Biggie in the face sending her back and knocking her through her groupies like a bowling ball and knocking her into the fence. Whoops, I forgot to take the staff before I hit her. I walked a little farther seeing my hit had made her drop it on the floor. "Ah that's good." I smiled, brushing it off, and walking over to the two girls. "Thanks for holding Star for me, Lai right?” I asked holding out the staff to her. ~Juna~ “Thanks for holding Star for me, Lai right?” I nodded my head as Lai giggled hopelessly, “Yea, you’re right. And you’re Keita.” He chuckled a little, “Yeah, you’re in my class.” He grabbed my own hand. A shiver ran down my back. The fact that someone other than Lai was touching me was quite… exhilarating. The feeling was gone once he let go, handing me the walking stick. "You got some balls Juna." And i heard his footsteps, slowly move away from us. "Juna!" Lai crashed into my body, her arms around me, "He knows my name! He knows who I am!" "Yeah..." I replied, still concentrating on the feeling of his hand on mine. But obviously not in a romantic way... "So I'm guessing you're one step closer to being Mrs. Kazuka!" I told her. "Juna! Stop saying that!" She dragged my hand to move. "Come on it's time to take our final. What do we take again?" I sighed, "Mom Dad made sure we all had the same classes so I wouldn't forget anything." "Details, details..." I laughed, "It's Math today." She squealed once more, "That's the class you-know-who is in..." That feeling came back to me that I quickly ignored it, "Then you better rush to your husband." She didn't even bothering digging her knuckles in my skin, she just ran to class. …………………………… Inside class, I could hear the anxious silence of everyone in there. Lai placed headphones in my hands and I placed them over my ears. "This is the beginning of your Math final," the machine told me, "you will have 60 minutes to complete." I sighed, "Let's do this." Authors note: better? Worst? Please let me know! I'm so scared >~ gah!
This series is amazing so far if this were an anime I would watch it
Biggie is really testing me, and if she thinks I'm not willing to hit a girl. She needs to start reserving a room now, because I will knock that bitch through the hospital. I almost died laughing. xD good story so far :)
@KiraHitomi Sorry forgot the quotations xD
I'm hoping if I can get it published to be able to have it animated later
@zephyrblaze at first I thought you were saying you hated biggie too XD then I realized you were quoting something. Thanks! I'm glad it made you laugh XD