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~Keita~ " Alright, but if something reaches at you stall and scream as loud as you can. I'll take care of it." I heard myself saying, but my own heart was beating out of control. I was scared as hell. The only time I thought I'd ever see zombies was in video games and T.V. Shows. I looked over at Kimi, then Lai, and Juna. I don't know about them, but I know Kimi is counting on me to protect her, and I don't want to let her, or any of them down. I am "The strongest man alive." I consoled myself trying to sooth myself. I kept walking and Kimi held Lai's hand as we traveled passed the crowd of people evacuating. So far there wasn't any other zombies in the building other than the one we saw. That probably meant that that guy was the one of the first to be created. Was it really ok to just leave him there to infect other people? "Keita!" I heard as Kimi pulled me as I was about to fall down the stairs. "Watch what you're doing! Are you sure you're ok?" I slightly laughed and continued walking." Fine. Let's just go." I don't have time to be scared. I don't have time to worry about my life. Everyone wants me to be strong. So even if I have to pretend....that's what I'll be. "There." Kimi whispered as we stood at the door way of the school. "Star." I whispered. The other kids seemed to be running towards the main entrance but since this one had a fence it was probably a lot safer to be in. "Kimi. If shit goes wrong shut the door. Don't you dare worry about me." I said and her eyes started to water." But Keita-" "Shut up, and do as I say, or I'll never forgive you." I scolded and she flinched back a bit her face flushed red. "Stupid Keita! I hope you die!" She yelled and zombies turned towards us hearing her yell. "Shut the door!" I said running out. I looked up. Star was still there clinging to the branch. "You assholes are gonna pay for messing with Star." I smirked and one of them reached for me. And I stepped back. You can do this Keita. Just think of them as drunk assholes that rape children. Yeah that's it. Don't look at their faces. Look at the murder in their eyes. They reached for me again and I swung at them with the bottom of the broom. knocking them over. I looked at them a little shocked." Wow they are a lot weaker than I thought. I held the broom up ready to stab ones eye’s while I held the other ones head down with the sole of my shoe. Kimi covered Lai's eyes and then closed her own, and Lai covered Juna’s ears. I stabbed the top of the broom into the zombies head through his eye with the tip of the broom. I pushed as far down as it could go before it became unresponsive. I pulled the broom out as blood now covered the handle. This shit is gross..... I thought and let my foot off the other ones head and stepped on his chest and he hurriedly grabbed my leg trying to pull it into his mouth. And I quickly slammed my shoe on top of his mouth slamming it's head down to the floor. I stabbed it's eye until it didn't move any longer and then sighed pulling the broom out and calling to the girls." Alright you can open your eyes now." I jumped on the bench that was in front of the tree and use it so I could jump high enough to reach the branch Star was standing on, and pulled myself up causing Star to flinch back."'s's alright now. There are no more bad guys." I soothed petting the corners of her ears and moving around to the tip of her chin making her purr and walk in my lap. "Keita! We have to go before more show up!" She yelled." Stop yelling or more will definitely show up." I reply and held Star close to me and jumping off the branch landing on my feet as they made a loud smack! When they hit the concrete. I put Star in my hood and then walked over to the two zombies that I had beaten. I reached into their pockets pulling out their wallets. " Yamada Yu, Mihari haru." I read out loud and Kimi walked over to me. "What are you doing? What if they come back?" She asked and I shook my head putting the wallets In my bag. "In case I run into someone's who looking for them....I can let them know what happened to them." I stood up and looked over at the opening in the fence. "We're going that way. It's faster, and with all the people going out the front entrance they're going to attract a lot of attention." Kimi nodded "Alright whatever....let's just get out of here." She squealed. ~Juna~ My wrists began to sweat from how tightly Lai was holding them. "You're going to give me carpal tunnel you know?" I told her. "Sorry," she said, loosening her grip on me. Slightly, "It's just in case another one comes. I want you to be out of the way as soon as possible." I slipped my hand out of her hold, "I'll hear it." And I haven't heard one since. Those two in the back of the school were the only two I've heard since, minus the flesh-eater in our classroom. But I wasn't going to let my guard down anytime soon. I don't think I could ever let my guard down. "So where are we going guys?" I asked. "We're going to going to me and Keita's house to get some supplies, hide out somewhere, stay away from all zombie shit..." Kimi replied. "But what about me and Juna's house? Don't you we think we want to see our house one more time? See out parents?" "Forget it Lai, our house is too far anyways. I don't mind crashing at anyone's house either. It's no big deal." "Yeah, Lai we can't afford to make that trip." Keita joined in. Lai brought me in closer to her, "But don't you want to see our house just one more time before you go, or even hear Mom and Dad's voice?" Her whispers were frantic-sounding in my ears. "It's. Fine. Last time I checked, I can't see any house and mom and Dad are... hopefully alive and at work. Where they're supposed to be." I heard two sets of footsteps start departing from us on the gravel. Kimi and Keita are leaving. "Come on!" I whispered with the same ferocity, and began walking to the sound of the footsteps. "I want my gun!" Lai shouted. I whipped my head back at her. Gun? "Did yo—" "Did you just say you have a-a gun?" Keita and Kimi beat me to the punch. Lai let out a slow shaky breath, what she usually does when she's nervous. "Yes, a gun. I have a gun at home. It's a pistol with a silencer. Nothing crazy like a sniper rifle. If we're gonna have zombies and crap following us, I don't want to go anywhere without at that at hand." A gun? She has a gun?! And she hasn't told me?! In fact... there's a lot things that Lai hasn't been telling me lately. This is the first time I've ever talk about Keita and who knows how long she's had this freaking gun. Who knows how much I can even trust Lai? I can't even see what she does... ever. "Ok, ok.. we'll hit up our houses and then go for your gun Lai... I never knew a girl who could shoot. That's... pretty amazing." "O-oh no i-it's nothing... pretty lame." Lai replied, a nervous wreck as usual. "Well isn't being blind pretty amazing too?" I muttered to myself. "What Juna?" Lai asked. "Oh, it's nothing." I need to stop. I don't know if that was jealousy or anything, but I do not like Keita. Besides, I can't even see him. There's nothing to like. "Okay guys, we can go now." I said. I grabbed Lai's wrist again before we started walking. ~Keita~ A gun? Ok.....there seems to be a little bit more to this girl than she's letting on, but in this situation, someone who can shoot isn't a bad thing to have around. Interesting. Kimi was walking next to me as Juna and Lai walked behind us. "Are they going to be ok?" She whispered and I looked at her confused, but nodded that they where since Kimi went through all the trouble of trying to talk quietly. Which she never did. I honestly thought they would though....why wouldn't they be. They obviously love each other. When Lai ran into me trying to get away from the walker she was screaming for me to get her sister. She had left her out of fear, and she was terrified to death, and still remembered she needed to be save her. When I went to save her she thought I was Lai, because she knew Lai cared about her enough to be there for her. Granted it was me, but ehh technicalities....technicalities.... Making it to my house was easy since the outbreak hadn't reached the point of the end of the world yet. Everyone was at work except for the few spouses that stayed home while the other worked, and kids who were too young for school stayed with them or were in day care. We walked to my house like someone had accidentally pulled the fire alarm so they canceled school for the day. Don't say anything....don't tell them....if you scream out now that zombies are here....then you'll only cause a panick and transportation will be even harder. For the first time in my life....I was being a bystander. I was being that man that walked by and did absolutely nothing, and I hated it. I felt my body tense and then felt something warm touch my hand. "Are YOU ok?" She said raising and eyebrow at me. I grumbled turning away from her and Star sat on my right shoulder hissing at her. "We’re here." I said changing the subject and quickly slipping my hand from hers. As mom wasn't home. " Thank goodness." Kimi sighed. "Ok, open the door." She said and I shrugged." I can't." Her jaw dropped." What do you-" she started to yell and I covered her mouth." Shhhh. I'm just kidding, don't get your knickers in a bunch." I smirked and pulled the key out of my shirt that dangled from a chain. She punched my side." You idiot!" She hissed." This is not the time to be trolling me!" I smiled. "We still have sometime before the world completely ends. I want to live my last moments smiling." I said opened the door. "Welcome." I said not bothering to take of my shoes as I walked in the house as they followed me inside. "When my mom said we were having guest over I didn't think it be like this." I said searching the hallway closet for a gym bag, and then standing on the stool I breathed deeply pulling down the box that had my dads police uniform in it, and took the lid off the box. I tried to not stare to long and quickly pulled out my dads gun, and his taser with the 3 refills. "Here Kimi, you take the taser." Kimi grabbed it and examined it." How do I kill a zombie with this." She asked." Just press it towards their head and tase them until their brain melts." I rolled my eyes." No way! I don't want to have to get that close to them." I sighed handing her the gun." Fine switch me...." I said and she took the gun almost dropping it from the weight of it. I sighed taking it back." I'll give this back to you when we leave." Authors note: I don't know how to feel about this chapter. Let me know what you think in the comments!
Loving it a few typos I noticed (We're going to going to me and Keita's house, I don't want to go anywhere without at that at hand.") nothing major I'm sure you were tired after typing out this whole chapter things are bound to slip through the cracks. :)
Hell if I didn't have auto correct fixing my mistakes that message would have been fucked to shit xD
I usually have a editor for that, but this is just a practice chapter to see what people think I'm already planning to go through and add more detail later
But Thankyou!