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We talked about sadness with Hamtaro, but now it's time for:

Happiness with Pikachu!

The basics:

Happiness - 행복 (haeng-bok)

To be HAPPY!!! - 행복하다 (haeng-bok-ha-da)

To Smile/Laugh: 웃다 (oot-da)

Why are you laughing? - 왜 웃어요? (wae oo-seo-yo?)
Smile please! - 웃어주세요! (oo-seo-joo-se-yo)

To be glad/joyful: 기쁘다 (ki-ppeo-yo)

I'm so glad! - 너무 기뻐요! (neo-mu ki-ppeo-yo)

Cheer up! 힘내세요! (him-nae-se-yo)

means power/energy so 힘내세요 (or just 힘내) is like "I hope you power-up" hahahha

To Play: 놀다 (nol-da)

Let's play together! 같이 놀자! (ga-chi nol-ja!)
If you have any suggestions for Korean 101 please leave them in the comments too!
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@ArmyofKookie now im picturing those giant pikachus dancing to happy hahahaha
2 years ago·Reply
PIKACHU AGHHH. try doing one with someone from Avatar. or Dragonball Z.
2 years ago·Reply
do more with pokémon!!I 😍 this even tho pikachu isn't my favorite I still 😍 it!
2 years ago·Reply
Thanks for the tag! I've saved this with the other lessons!!!
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