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"Got it." Kimi said as she listened to the things that Keita wanted them to get from her house. She didn't really want to go with Lai, but now wasn't the time to argue about who gets to go with who. She sighed feeling she would regret this." Alright then, stay Juna-licious." Kimi heard her say and raised her eyebrow not really understanding what Lai meant by that, but didn't have the attention span to care." Come on." She said walking out of the house with Lai following behind her. Lai decided to stay a couple feet behind Kimi. She wanted to keep the peace between them. Keep the silence. The way it was meant to be between them. Though she did beat her one year in the honor roll. She knew that one year had left Kimi soar, but under the circumstances....did it even matter anymore? She obviously still hated her, and honestly ther was no reason for Lai to like her back. Not while she controlled Keita." Oh you can't think that Lai, you're just jelous. Kimi deserves him.....she's just better than you." Lai sighed looking up at the sky." Isn't everyone?" Kimi wanted to look back to check on Lai. She was quiet, and it was driving her mad! Lai just seemed kind of off than how she usually was. She seemed normal, but she wasn't. "He-" Kimi thought she heard her say, but it was so quiet it could have just been the wind. It didn't take long for them to get to the front door, because of how close Kimi's house was. She unlocked the door walking in." Hey! Dad?" Kimi called, but the house was silent. Except for the faint murmur in the backyard." I'll check it out later." Kimi thought. Kimi looked back at Lai, her face seemed to be holding back tears." Why do you always have a sad face around me? Even when you won last year you were sad. Are you ok?" Kimi crossed her arms and raised and eyebrow at her. "What are you talking about?" Lai asked turning away from her. She didn't want to look Kimi in the eye. She was....threatening. Kimi stared at her for a while before sighing and going to close the door, and accidentally bumping into Lai's arm." "You-" "Sorry." Kimi muttered." Let's start in my room." She suggested and Lai nodded following Kimi up the stairs. They heard growling, but it seemed far away. "Since we haven't seen your dad. Is it safe to say he's bitten?" Lai asked breaking the silence, and Kimi shrugged searching for her suitcase." Probably." Kimi pulled the blanket off her neatly folded bed, and then looked at the medium sized suitcase." It won't fit." She muttered as she thew it back and went through her closet looking at coats, and jackets, then some seasonal clothing." Aren't you scared?! Doesn't it make you nervous?" Lai asked. Kimi shook her head. She didn't want to talk about this." I'll just kill him. Why does it have to be such a big deal? It's not like he's my dad anymore. He'll be this drooling, brainless creature who talks shit all the time. It won't be any different except now he's trying to eat me." Lai stared at her in awe. It's true, Juna had all their parents love, but even in a time like this she couldn't bring herself to hate them. In fact, she understood completely why they loved juna so much. Juna had a condition that left most people helpless. In a way of always having to proved herself to the world, and even then she wasn't letting it destroy her spirits. She was happy just to have a sister like Lai as a friend, and even now she was still satisfied with her. She was still keeping her spirits up. Lai couldn't hate her, because she loved her. "I'm sure your dad loves you." Lai tried to assure her. "Wrong." Kimi scoffed." Listen, I know I have a little bit of history with you, but please don't pretend like you know my don't." Kimi was now packing some batteries on a bag with the flashlights her and Keita used at sleepovers. Kimi was starting to get annoyed with Lai. She got it, she was trying to destroy the awkward silence between them, but now she was just being nosy. "And what about you? With Juna around she probably attracts a lot of attention. Is that why you have the gun?" "Not that's not-" "Juna?" "No way! It's just...." Lai seemed to be looking away at something. "See! There you go again with that sad sad voice! I should have just went with Keita-" "HE DOESNT BELONG TO YOU!" Lai took a step back from her our burst. She was mad, but she had no idea why she was so mad. Kimi and keita have been friends their whole lives and yet....." Kimi glared back crossing her arms." You wanna say that again?" Her eyebrows were slanted in a very interesting angle, and she seems to look over Lai's body, but the anger kept spilling out of her. " I said it! It's like you keep him all to yourself, or are you just worried that with more girls around you won't be his favorite anymore." Kimi's eyes widened and grabbed Lai by the collar. Kimi gritted her teeth trying to restrain herself remembering that Keita and Juna are expecting Lai back alive." Listen here bitch, you already beat me at grades, but I'll be damned if I let you still Keita from me. If the gun is not for your parents, and not for Juna, then it must be for you, and if your suicidal then go find a zombie and get eaten already, and quit waisting supplies!" "I AM NOT SUICIDAL! You think I could do that to Juna? To anyone? Why do you have to be such a-a....bitch!" Kimi's punch wasn't as hard as Lai thought it would be, but the feel of her knuckles still made Lai double over in pain." You know what Lai! Even if you get to confess to Keita he'd never fall for someone like you! And do you know why? Because you're a coward! Why'd you get that love of your life to save your sister huh? No matter how you look at'll never be good enough for Keita! Never!" Lai stayed on the floor. The words couldn't be anymore true. "They were true, and I'm just a scared mess. I can't save myself much less Juna. I'm....worthless." Lai thought as she laid on the floor ready to give up, but she hadn't, and wasn't it better that she hadn't? Wasn't it better that even though she knew everything was hopeless....she still was brave enough to try and survive. That's what motivated Lai to stand back up and slam her knuckles into Kimi's jaw." Yeah, I'm afraid. Yeah I'm jealous, but so are you. That's why you stick so close to Keita, because you rely on him to protect you. That's why you glare at Juna every time she says a word to him." It was silent, and Lai smiled at that. "Cute, you thought I didn't notice. Remember, Juna's the blind one....not me." Kimi looked at Lai smiling her lip still busted open." You don't seem to be sad anymore Lai." Kimi got up and softly punched Lai in the arm." If you love Keita, and so do I, then let the best women win." Lai laughed." Game on, bitch." Kimi laughed too and Lai looked at Kimi's lip noticing that it was bleeding." Let's go to the restroom. We need to fix your lip." ~Lai~ I felt... at ease. I didn't worry about Juna; she was protected with Keita. I couldn't worry about Kimi too much anymore. We were basically just in a fight to the death over the man of our dreams. That's not anything to be afraid of isn't it? I fidgeted with my thoughts as I followed Kimi to the bathroom. My thought slowly evolved into weighing the fruits of our new friendship to trying to see if the possible ways she could get rid of me so she could win Keita. Like a... trap. I stopped. "You're so stupid, Lai..." And I chuckled at myself. "What's funny?" Kimi called from ahead, heading down the hall hopefully to where the bathroom was. "Nothing!" I immediately said, catching up and following her steady, rhythmic march through the threatening, dim staircase. "Hey I gotta let you know Lai," Kimi said making a slight pop sound with her lips, "that was a cheap ass shot, you hit me with there. Never wear rings when fighting." I cast my head down and removed the white (red-tinged) diamond ring that damaged Kimi's face and was currently desecrating my finger with such ferocity; the nervousness that was quelled inside of me seemed to well up all over again as Kimi turned to look at me, startled. I formed my mouth into a perfectly formulated "O", a barely audible noise escaped my mouth. She threw her head back, quickly running her hands through her hair, "Look Lai... I don't know what you think this is, but I'm not here to hurt you. You're actually much more interesting than what I previously thought. So be my damn friend and fix my lip." I smiled and walked the stairs with Kimi, completely sure she wasn't trying to kill me for her own Kieta desires. "Who said we were playing fair?" I commented to Kimi as I opened the door of the bathroom that she pointed to. She punched my arm again and I let out a laugh of exasperation and pain. "The antibiotics and stuff are in the bottom left cabinet." she lisped to me. She kept her jaw dropped as she examined herself in the mirror, touching the wound repeatedly. I slid the wooden drawer from out it's resting place and snatched up a half-remaining bag of cotton balls and the sparse drops left in a bottle of alcohol. "Stop doing that." I slapped Kimi's hand away from her lip as she pouted at me, "You'll get it infected. You don't want it to turn into a zombie do you?" I shifted my glance to Kimi, waiting for a Kimi-like response. She was not amused. Her eyes shifted away from mines as she tensed up, leaving the most awkward of silences to occupy the room as I tried to ration alcohol onto the cotton ball. It was a stupid joke, I knew it was, and inappropriate to say. I chewed my the confidence inside of me started to cra— "You don't need too much. The bleeding's almost stopped." She made a notion at the cotton ball I was inadvertently soaking in alcohol. I shook myself my head, as if i was physically keeping my thoughts at bay, as I placed the ball slightly on the wound, marveling at how she managed not to flinch slightly from the inevitable sting that was supposed to meet her. She took the cotton from my hand, supporting herself on the wall while keeping the wound sterilized "So... when did you start falling for him?" Kimi asked nonchalantly. "K-Keita?" I asked. "No, Kermit the Frog. Yes, Keita!" she giggled. "Uhm... Well he's just so determined about everything and doesn't seems to give a crrap if people don't like what he's doing as long as he knows what he's doing his right. I just admire everything about him." I looked down, utterly embarrassed. Did I really want to tell her all of this? She's no Juna. Why should I trust he— "It was the hair huh?" We stared at each other. "Yes! The hair. Definitely the hair." I laughed, completely forgetting my original thought. "No, but seriously." she started, "I've known him for a real long time, and that's the exact reason I like him so much too... That and the fact that he's good-looking. And strong. And funny. And well, a lot of other things," she embraced herself with a light, melancholy laugh, " I don't know how he hasn't noticed me all this time. I'm always right there for him..." she trailed off. I glanced at her and looked back into the mirror.. I didn't know what else to Kimi. By the way she looked down at her feet, twirling her hair, it didn't look like she wanted feedback either. I decided to lean back on the wall and let her release her emotions. "And then there's Juna. No offense Lai, but I can't see how Keita can just be attached to her like—" "Hold on, " I said, pushing myself off the wall, "What do mean attached? He's not attached to Juna. She's blind. He can't—" "Like a blind girl?" she finished off for me, "Yeah, that's what I thought too. But I'm starting to rethink that. I just feel like he smiles at her differently, he was too eager to help her. Does she like him?" Keita... and Juna? I can't be. She wants me to be HIS husband! It can't be. She could never like him. "No, I don't think so..." Or does she? She couldn't betray me like that. She already stole my parents... "Well, I'm keeping an eye out for them. You should too." Lai said, once again taking her hands through her hair. I chuckled, "Well she's blind, it won't be that hard to get rid of her." Kimi turned around and punched me in the arm lightly, flashing me with a smile of agreement. Did I really think that? Did I really say that? Even though no matter how many times I look back.....I don't see any signs of her liking him. Maybe I'm the one that's blind ••••••••••••••••••••• Kimi was actually pretty cool after our little "argument". "What kind of food do you eat for the end of the world?!!" she yelled at me, "Cookies? Canned goods? Most of them are nasty with out a microwave..." I sat down around the stack of flashlights and batteries surrounding me. It was a good question. Maybe Subway? Subway is delicious... "Just bring everything that doesn't spoil in two weeks, we'll be fine. And..." "Water! Whatever you do, don't forget the water!" Us quoting Keita had us laughing for the remainder of the time. But it was a good haul. We started leaving with flashlight, batteries, canned food for days, iPhone and charger (just in case)... ~Kimi~ I looked through the drawer frantically searching everything that was in there.” What are you looking for?” Lai asked.” Keys.” I simply said as that seemed to be good enough. “Shit.” I said slamming the door shut.” They're not here.” I started walking out of the kitchen. Please say he left them on the couch or something. “Are they important?” Lai asked following me. She probably didn't want me to leave her alone, but I had no choice. I had to find those keys! “Yeah! Do you think I'm just going to walk into a sea of zombies? No way! We need a ride!” I said passing by the living room noticing they weren't there either. “What about Keita’s-“ “His mom is at work. So the car isn't there.” I explained. Growling. It's around here. That dead beat probably got himself eaten. I rolled my eyes heading to my room to find a weapon of some sort. “Kimi!” Lai called. “Shhh….it'll hear you.” I whispered going up the stares. I looked around at my room. What could I use? Come on Kimi, be creative. Lai was quiet….too quiet. I turned around to see her staring at a picture of me and Keita when we were young. She really is entranced by him isn't she? “Hey.” I pounced scaring her. “ Don't do that!” She squeaked frustrated. “Don't stare off like that. I could have been a real zombie, and you would have been dead.” I scolded. “Sorry.” She said and I looked at the picture.” Keep it.” I said and her eyes widened. “Really?” I smiled.” Yeah, when I'm sleeping with Keita you might get lonely.” I teased and her cheeks heated up. “Pervert!” She yelled and I laughed going back to searching for something. "That's right…..I use to play softball….” I mumbled getting under my bed and pulling out my old bat from middle school. “That should do. Now to get the keys from my dad.” She looked up from the picture seeing me with the bat. “You're dad is here? Is he coming back with us?” She smiled. “No, I'm going to kill him.” I said walking out of the room. “Wh-what, why would you…..” “If you'd stop yelling long enough you'd be able to tell that he's in here, and if he hadn't already turned then he would have came out when I got home. There's more in here. I just don't know…..the back yard.” I started walking towards there. “Go back to the kitchen. Get the stuff moved to the garage.” I said and she started holding onto me. “No! I can't-“ “You know….Keita doesn't really like Pansys. He likes brave girls.” I smirked and she saluted me. “Just put the bags in the garage.” She nodded her head. “Right, I can handle that. Um….where's the garage?” I chuckled pointing as I told her where she needed the go. “Keita's counting you.” I saluted back running out to the back yard. “This is going to be harder than I thought.” I whispered seeing the five zombies in my back yard and the lawn mower started. I think I'll get the gas out of there when I finish all of them. I quietly opened the door. So far, they weren't making any signs of noticing me. “Keita's counting on you.” I said to myself. Ever since we were kids he had always been stronger than me. We might have been in the same karate class together, but he was well above me, because he was just so natural at fighting. The teacher would show him, and he automatically get it the first time. Some thought he was a protégé. I just thought he was amazing. Keita was always the thing I was missing in life. My dad would ignore me a lot with his drinking. So Keita took it apon himself to take care of me. He would invite me over to eat when I complained about my dad just making us eat a lot of microwave food, and he always beat up people that would tease me for being smart. Even though he would get in trouble for it a lot. I tried to get him to stop, and just let them go, but he wouldn't. “Now it's time for me to start taking care of my self, or die trying." I walked through causally knowing that if I make any sound they could possibly kill me, but the lawn mower was loud enough to distract them for a while. The smell was giving me a feeling like I needed to cough but I dare not do it knowing my first sound would be my last. Walking through the grass that seemed to scream tiny warnings of “hey zombies! Turn around.” I cringed at every step. It may seem ridiculous. I've never felt so much anxiety from just walking. I decided the Wack the first zombie that was the farthest from the group. It growled one last time before it fell to the floor, blood splattering onto me. The other two zombies began to growl and I backed away. “Shit.” I said as one fell on top of me and I jammed my bat in its teeth pushing it away. The others were about to grab my legs but I kicked up flipping him on his back and then swinging my bat down at the zombie that was grabbing my feet about to bite into my leg. “two down, three to go.” I quickly scooted away as the other two zombies followed me walking after me while the one that I flipped on the floor crawled towards me. I kicked the zombie, that was my father, in the legs as I scooted and the one on floor tried to grab it as I quickly pulled away. I hurriedly slammed my hands on the ground spinning my legs like a top and nocking the standing zombies feet from under them before flipping and slamming my foot into the one that was crawling on the floor. “Two more.” I reassured. The remaining zombies stood up grabbing at me. I step aside getting out of the first ones grasp and slamming my throw his head cutting half of it off, but I wasn't fast enough to get away from the zombie….that was my father. He growled pulling me down and getting ready to bite my neck. I slammed the back end of my bat into his mouth holding him still but not killing him as he wiggled and growled on top of me. “You know, when I thought of you dieing. I never pictured it this way. After mom died you never stopped looking at me with disgust. I don't have all the time I wish I had to tell you how much I hate you. So I'll summarize it for you, the nicest thing you've ever done for me, is dying..” I whispered out slamming my bat the rest of the way through his head and the blood posting out my face, dripping down onto the grass. I let out a breath of relief as I pushed him of and began searching his body for keys. I felt the metal outside of his pants when I was patting him down and pulled it out of his pocket. “Got it.” I smiled as the mower turned off and "Guess I can't get the gas now." I sighed heading into the the house and turning to the garage where I left Lai. “Woah you look- “ “I know. Let's just go already.” I said getting in the drivers seat and she loaded the stuff in the trunk before hopping in the passengers seat. I pushed the top button on the remote that opened the garage door and we drove out heading back to see our dear Keita. Authors note: this chapter worries me a lot? Can you pay extra close attention to this one please?
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