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Well it's between Itachi, Ace orJiraiya... most likly Itachi because the Leaf Village pretty much screwd him over with the whole kill the clan thing. I think he should have another chance at life and be able to be with his brother. But that's just me
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I would choose either Itachi or Brigadier General Maes Hughs, because Itachi being alive means that Sasuke can be at peace sooner, and General Hughs because I really want his daughter to grow up with a father.
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itachi because he's the best big bro
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Lelouch isn't dead
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I want to say someone else but Nagisa seems like the best choice. When she died she left behind the love of her life and their child. It really pulls at the heartstrings.
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It's between Jiraiya, Itachi, Ace, and Maes
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