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(the picture above is so cute & funny that I had to share it but moving on to more serious matters)
Hey Vinglers! It has come to my attention that there is a rumor going around around that BigHit has banned BTS from all fan interactions. From my understanding, a few cards have been posted and a few petitions have been started. But fear not faithful A.R.M.Ys for that rumor is currently being labeld as FALSE. There have been no sources in the matter nor has there been any photographed and/or videotaped proof that this is true.

Do not sign any petitions. Please wait until concrete evidence has been issued.

Signing these petitions and continuing to spread these rumors around could possibly be harmful to BigHit and BTS, especially if they are untrue, and the result of them could possibly lead to the disbandment of our boys. I'm sure that none of us want that. So please, please, please ignore said rumors and refrain from signing any petitions until there is actual proof. Please and Thanks.
I hate rumors of our k-idols their is a limit but once they pass that limit I go off. more with that stupid rumor that bom from 2ne1 was doing drugs I don't give a f*ck if she was or wasn't I support her no matter what. 😤☺💖 we love you bom
Please people don't believe everything you hear on the Internet I have tried to ask many of the people who made the cards to give me a video or a link so I can conduct my own research and I got nothing AND DO NOT WHATSOEVER GIVE ANYONE ANY MONEY! I am sorry to be a butt, but you can't just go around starting allegations they made harm our boys in the long run!
Stay strong BTS we will always love you
ohh otoke I feel bad for signing, a week ago I saw a link in someone's card and didn't even think it could be a lie, is already done 😢
@StephanyAcevedo it ok we forgive you
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