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Christmas is just around the corner and my parents want to get me a learn Korean book but want me to choose it myself (since they don't really understand what level I'm at or what I need, etc)

But which should I choose?

I want a Talk to Me In Korean book since I like how they teach, but there are so many fun choices!

Here are the ones I'm looking at:

Talk to Me In Korean Grammar (Level 3)

This looks like my grammar level, and I could always use more of it. I'm sort of stuck in the basic grammar patterns but I think I'm ready to expand!

Everyday Korean Idiomatic Expressions

I love idioms and they help you sound much more natural when you speak. Knowing vocab is important, but knowing these weird expressions help you so much with speaking!

Korean Slang Expressions

I am addicted to learning slang. I always try to pick it up however I can so I think this book would be so much fun for me.

The Korean Verbs Guide

VERBS! I know the basics that I use almost everyday, but could use help learning how to conjugate them and to learn more advanced verbs.

See the dilemma?!

Which would you choose?!

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I think grammar is more important so people would understand what you/we will be saying with correct grammar. plus I think it would be easier to learn about idioms after learning grammar since you understand it much better
I would personally choose the TTMIK grammar book!!! :) that way I could be solid on my basic learning before trying to learn anything else. But that's just what I would do! :)
go with grammar and comprehension first before moving on to slang and idioms. It should benefit you more because youll know proper grammar/vocab which should make learning slang and idioms easier. :)
don't rely on dramas for that stuff @Sinique, I tried using a few and all my friends laughed and said, "why would you say that? who taught you that? only old people use phrases like that when they are being dramatic" and then they lovingly corrected me
Yeah, what @oxSoZeroxo said. Grammar and verbs first...idioms and slang later.
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