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[CHALLENGE] Colts vs Steelers

Here is a challenge for football fans!

The Indianapolis Colts are playing the Pittsburgh Steelers for Sunday Night Football!
The Colts are first in the AFC South division while the Steelers are in second place in the AFC North division. Who's going to take this one?
Here's the challenge ------->

Who do you think will win this game: the Colts or the Steelers?

Football fans, come join the party!

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2 years ago·Reply
@mackenzieorr186 Ahh got it! Well I'm the sports community moderator here on Vingle! Hope to see you around more often!
2 years ago·Reply
Colts got smashed
2 years ago·Reply
@yaakattackk Yeah it was very one-sided!
2 years ago·Reply
Well congrats to our winners of this challenge! You guys get one point each! @Starbell808 @EvanYannetti @jeff4122 @gatorchick96
2 years ago·Reply