6 years ago1,000+ Views breakfast this morning, thanks Mike (*_^)
@kristenadams Callie and I loooove your cards. We're definitely reading them and I'm sure others are too.
@kristenadams really? lol you're so sweet! im so glad that you like my cards i wonder if anyone else is reading my cards :*(((
@cheerfulcallie Not true at all, sis. You have an amazing and beautiful collection of cards that I love to go through and see all the time. (^_^) We each have unique collections, but thank you sis. Love you too. @kristenadams Aw, you'll be alright. I think everyone is overwhelmed at first. You've been posting great cards. If you ever have a question, just message one of us and we'll definitely help you out.
@kristenadams ...aaww, thanks!! i do my best however my collections not that wonderful compared to my lovely sis @YinofYang (^_^)...AND...nah, you're doing great, i love your cards too ♥
@cheerfulcallie LOL thanks for taking the bullet for me girl and yeessss my name is Kristen lol i seriously love all the pics you put up on Vingle! im kinda new on this so im a little bit lost sometimes :*(
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