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[CONFIRMED] Hani is an Angel

It's no secret that I LOVE Hani from EXID

She's a totaly dork, doesn't want to be labeled sexy, and is seriously the sweetest person ever to her fans.

I just saw a story that makes me love her 10000x more:

EXID basically got famous because of a fancam taken of Hani that went viral.


Before that, EXID wasn't really well known, but afterwards their song (that was 3 months old at the time) somehow managed to win 1st place! All because of the popularity of this video!
So Hani and the girls obviously wanted to know who the fansite was that took the video to thank him...and they offered to take him to dinner!

He declined, but Hani saw him at a concert and spent the rest of the event thanking him and waving to him. Giving his camera eye contact which is what every fansite wants.

She looks so genuinely thankful it melts my heart!

Where are my Hani lovers at!?

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aww now I love her more
2 years ago·Reply
She is adorable and her like skin is milk
2 years ago·Reply
They're so cute!!
2 years ago·Reply
awwww Hani is so sweet
2 years ago·Reply
Maybe he didn't want to cause scandals for Hani and that's why he declined dinner?
2 years ago·Reply