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SHINee was the first group I ever got to see debut.

Key was my first real bias, and I still love him so much as a human being.
I just found this story about how Key came across a photo of a user wearing a SHINee bracelet with cuts all over her arms.
He left her a message encouraging her to stop cutting herself and shared his own personal experience with self-harm:
After realizing that her favorite idol had left a comment on her photo, the fan replied with:
“oh. my. god. @bumkeyk reacts on my pic. i’m shaking, i love you Key, this made my life. i’m going to stop cutting for you. thank you for saving my life.”
She also uploaded a video of herself throwing away the blades she had been using.

Do not take this as a way to get an idols attention.

If you are self harming, or thinking of hurting yourself in any way for attention: please think first and reach out to someone. Check out this card for a list of Vinglers who have open ears!
Might have cried reading this. My respect for Key has gone through the roof. This is beautiful to see.
omg I cried a bit when I read what he wrote to her. things like this is what makes him one of my top biases. I'm glad that he was able to get her to stop and that he was able to share a bit of his past in doing so. this made me love him even more as a person (I didn't think that was possible)
if anyone needs someone to talk to, I'm here.
@satans I encourage you to reach out to any of our users, no one should deal with anything alone!
That was sad, by awesome of him to step in to cheer his fan up :) this is why I have faith in Kpop idols. But if anyone does have any problems, I'm here to chat :) I always help my friends because they all have their problems. I may not be able to help in person, but please know I am here to talk :)
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