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More Reasons to LOVE SHINee's Key [Trigger Warning: Self Harm]

SHINee was the first group I ever got to see debut.

Key was my first real bias, and I still love him so much as a human being.
I just found this story about how Key came across a photo of a user wearing a SHINee bracelet with cuts all over her arms.
He left her a message encouraging her to stop cutting herself and shared his own personal experience with self-harm:
After realizing that her favorite idol had left a comment on her photo, the fan replied with:
“oh. my. god. @bumkeyk reacts on my pic. i’m shaking, i love you Key, this made my life. i’m going to stop cutting for you. thank you for saving my life.”
She also uploaded a video of herself throwing away the blades she had been using.

Do not take this as a way to get an idols attention.

If you are self harming, or thinking of hurting yourself in any way for attention: please think first and reach out to someone. Check out this card for a list of Vinglers who have open ears!
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I'm glad he shared his story with her. It made a difference and it saved her life.
2 years ago·Reply
I'm here to I like to listen to people's problems and I like to help out ☺️
2 years ago·Reply
It's nice to see that he cares.
2 years ago·Reply
i love this story! im glad he actually see things people post and dont ignore them
a year ago·Reply
its sad to hear key had that habit though. what do you wanna bet it was during trainee days? 😢😢😢😢
a year ago·Reply